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The best value under the sun

Great days start with a great night's sleep. Our prices, like our beds, are extremely refreshing. So after a hard day's work, lie back, relax and enjoy a hotel experience that ticks all the boxes. Love the sun!


  1. Best value under the sun
  2. Cheerful
  3. Comfort food of the hotel business
  4. Coming home
  5. Easy going
  6. Bed and breakfast - we do it right
  7. Staff truly takes care of you
  8. No place like home - but we are working on it


ConstructionConversion or new build
LocationUrban & Transport Network
Key cost€46.000*
OperationDays Inn - continental breakfast
Days Hotel - cooked breadfast, lunch and dinner
Room Size20m2 for Europe
20-22m2 for ME/APAC
Consumer Base60-70% business
Key FeaturesBreatfast in a Bag
24 hour reception
WiFi/high speed internet access
Unique FeaturesCustomer Service Promise


Baby Boomers - People born beteen 1944 and 1964. At 44 to 62 years old, the seek familiarity and comfort.

Gen X - People born between 1965 and 1976 - 1980. Children of the Baby Boomers, they are independent, enjoy informality and adopt an entrepreneurial attitude.


The Days Inn® chain was created by Cecil B. Day in 1970, with his first hotel on Tybee Island, Georgia. His Atlanta-based company, Days Inns of America, Inc., began franchising hotels in 1972. in 1992, Wyndham Hotel Group acquired Days Inns of America and in March 2000 changed its name to Days Inns Worldwide, Inc. to reflect the brand's increasing global presence.


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